Reelax will participate in wholesale tradeshows in Montreal in August and Toronto in September to develop relationships with independent and smaller chain stores

United Kingdom

The company is currently in the process of establishing a relationship with a large distributor with over 6,000 outlets in Canada

Reelax’s latest initiative has been to develop a strategy to enter the United Kingdom and penetrate their pet food market

MCRG UK is currently in the process of developing relationships and its Europe strategy

Innovative Marketing

Augmented Reality

Reelax Pet Sciences Inc. fully owns an Augmented Reality (“AR”) system that is currently implemented on its animal supplements product line

The packaging of the supplements will trigger the customer’s phone app to bring the still images to life and unfold a story experience to customers


While the AR system works well as a marketing tool for the pet supplements, it also contains significant back end analytics capability

The administrator of the system can request information on user surveys, user emails, and data on whether a user picked up or put down any given product on the shelf