Reelax Pet Sciences was founded by caring pet owners who want to provide other pet owners with valuable information and quality products. At Reelax Pet Sciences, we understand the difficulty in navigating through health information, which can often be misleading and unreliable. Our team of experts is here to help you and your furry friends improve your overall quality-of-life and well-being. Our specially formulated recipes are not only effective, but delicious!



Provide high quality products using natural ingredients


We believe integrity and transparency are essential in maintaining not only the trust of our clients, but of our employees as well.

Environmental Sustainability

We use natural ingredients, in 100% recyclable packaging!


We are excited at new challenges, and resourceful in developing solutions. We try to continuously educated ourselves and make improvements every day.


Reelax will participate in wholesale tradeshows in Montreal in August and Toronto in September to develop relationships with independent and smaller chain stores